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Dear Linda Godfrey.com Blog Readers:

Back in November, 2019, I shared photos of an enigmatic arrangement of five white stones arranged on my back deck in a perfect pentagonal shape.  I had no idea who (or what) would have done this. rockcircles7am

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I finally decided the arrangement had to have been made by something with hands and a sense of geometry, and uneasily left it at that. But a month or so ago while looking up something else at Snopes.com, I accidentally came across what seems to be an exact match, right down to the white stones!

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The Snopes article explained that since the early 2000s, rumor had it that “packs” of thieves had been leaving robbery recommendations for each other in the form of crude twig or rock symbols on or near homes in the UK and elsewhere. The concept is similar to the “Hobo” sign system used during the Great Depression to point out which homes might provide weary rail-riders a hot meal or a straw sleeping pallet in the barn.

Snopes charts these modern signs in its article. Among them is a pentagon shape formed of white garden stones! The meaning they give for it is, “wealthy,” so I know for sure their list is not accurate!

Besides, the article pointed out, given today’s phone contact lists and GPS tools, using physical markings to record would-be burglary sites is not unnecessary.

The big question was whether the designs may have been from a Sasquatch, since many people believe they themselves have been on the receiving end of simple, natural artworks left by the Forest People, perhaps in thanks for an apple or other goodie. I have had a few of those, myself, and know I’d much rather receive such a “gift” from a Bigfoot than a human.

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