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Are you still sleeping with the light on after reading Iowa mega-author Brad Steiger’s Shadow Worldbook by the Steigers, about spirit parasites and such lurking on the other side of the veil? Or are you just looking for some comfort and hope amid the fears of this near-Apocalyptic world? If your answer was affirmative in either case, you may wish to check out one or both of  Steiger’s recently released antidotes for gloom, Beyond Shadow World (Anomalist Books) and Real Miracles, Divine Intervention and Feats of Incredible Survival, co-authored with Sherry Hansen Steiger (Visible Ink Press).

book by the Steigers

When I ripped open the manila envelope and found my copy of Beyond Shadow World, I steeled myself for a deeper,  scarier look at the Other Side. Au contraire! I was pleased to be treated to an account of Steiger’s personal spiritual journey. The book is all about preparing one’s self for positive spirit helpers and experiences, and includes sojourns into the lives of others who have made crucial but unearthly connections along their intended paths. I was especially intrigued by the stories of Arkansan Al Kiessig, who has a knack for finding interdimensional portals, and New Age music pioneer Iasos, who hears and translates the heavenly choir. And Steiger doesn’t want anyone to swallow any of his information just on faith; he exhorts readers to examine every idea carefully. Always a prudent idea!

Real Miracles is an amplification of the Miracles series the husband/wife team has been co-writing for many years. It runs the gamut from amazing escapes from natural disasters to after death experiences. Some will give you the willies…a man escaping from an alligator after it chomped and swallowed his arm…and some, like the tiniest baby ever to survive at 9.97 ounces, will warm the cockles of the most  jaded heart. Even a heart too jaded for cockles.

I should mention for sake of full disclosure that Brad and Sherry are friends of mine. And it’s nice to have friends who write books so fabulous I would recommend them regardless. But both these books radiate the warmth and careful storytelling that is the Steiger hallmark, and will strike a celestial chord in anyone looking for an uplifting read.

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