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UPDATE: As of July 8 2011 please note that I now have reason to doubt the complete truth of the information given me below so I am removing names but leaving the story for now – reader beware!

Bray Road is a popular place on Halloween, usually for little reason since the original sightings heyday. But this year, on Friday October 22, four of six 20-somethings cruising around 1:30 pm saw not one but two furry upright canines about 200 yards away in the middle of a muddy field. The group from the Union Grove area were headed toward the Hwy 11 end of Bray Road (the other end joins Hwy. N in Elkhorn) when the 22-year old driver of the Pontiac Grand Am and another passenger spied a tall, brown-furred creature vanishing into some brush to their right. The photo below was in this vicinity but taken earlier.

They turned in the nearest driveway and sped back. Twenty-two year old C. soon yelled at the driver to stop because he now saw the tall creature — and a companion — in the middle of a muddy field behind the brush. He and his friend, 24-year old A., saw them at the same time. The creatures walked on “three-jointed” doglike legs clearly silhouetted in the bright moonlight, and stood an estimated seven feet tall with long slender arms. When the car stopped so did the creatures, which turned their heads to reveal long canine muzzles and tall, pointed ears. One of them had eyes that glowed a faint yellow.

First one canine, then the other, dropped to all fours and ran off into the darkness. Two of the other passengers with C. and A. saw part of the incident, and the last two passengers missed the whole thing before they could scramble into good viewing positions.

I interviewed C.and A. by phone and also spoke with A. in person. They both remained consistent and convinced by what they saw.

Does this mean the Beast is back? It is hard to say whether this was a glimpse of habitation or just two creatures passing through. It is doubtful the alleged creatures were hoaxers since rain earlier that night had turned the fields very muddy, and humans would not be likely to navigate it as quickly as the creatures were observed to do, even if they were out in the field for some reason. Humans also would have been unlikely to have run away on all fours. I am still talking to the witnesses but so far they appear credible. (ed. note: not sure this is still the case)

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