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UFOs and Werewolves


One question I get a lot is whether there is any link between cryptid canines and UFOs. My answer is: not directly, but often Manwolf sighting hotspots turn out to be in the same areas as UFO reports.

Last Sunday, I experienced a somewhat different kind of UFO-werewolf link. I was invited to a private gathering of UFO buffs in Milwaukee, hosted at a nice home in Mequon. The 30 or so people were a well-educated and pleasant bunch, and the host had a pet vervet monkey!

The main program was the screening of an episode of The Invaders starring Roy Thinnes (1967) and then we had a conference call with Thinnes himself, on speaker. Thinnes has had his own UFO sighting, worked with John Mack and others, and advocates for full government disclosure. Here is one quote from Thinnes: “Strange things happen to people who write about things they are ‘not supposed to’ write about.” Gulp.

After the main show I gave an impromptu talk on unknown bipedal canines, and a policeman who lives in the northern Kettle Moraine area told the group he has two colleagues who have had multiple sightings of manwolves — mostly at roadsides — but they are too scared to report it to their own authorities. He trusts them as credible and promised to try to persuade them to e-mail me. I am checking my e-mail hourly.

In short, I go to a UFO meeting and get a great “werewolf” tip.

Was I supposed to write about it? I guess I will find out when the strange things start happening.


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Whee, win prizes! Get critiques, free books and maybe an agent who will fall in love with your 50-word Best Last Sentence Ever! What’s not to love ? Contests are generally good for all involved, but before I will spend my valuable writing time to come up with a decent entry, I think hard about certain criteria.

For instace, this blog post will help qualify me to  enter Guide to Literary Agents Fourth Dear Lucky Agent Contest for Middle Grade and YA books http://bit.ly/99cnKG

What made me decide this particular contest was worthy? Here are those aforementioned criteria:
1. It is run by a reputable website (love GLA)
2. The prize, a ten-page agent crit, is worth my time and effort
3. I have a finished product (MG fantasy novel) that is ready for some professional feedback
4. Entry requirements – 2 links and 150-200 words – are not too onerous
5. It has been a while since the last one I entered
6. My entry suits the guidelines – in this case, must be a completed MG or YA novel.

There is also an element of networking in any well-structured contest that attracts me, as well, and I am glad to help promote a blog that I use and enjoy.

There. I’m now officially entered, and may the best teen protagonist prevail!

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