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New cover by Nathan D. Godfrey

It’s been over 25 years since, as a Walworth County reporter, I broke the news that people were calling local animal control officers to say they had seen what looked like a werewolf around Elkhorn, Wisconsin on Bray Road. They’re still calling me, and yes, there are still sightings of  large wolves or other canines walking upright — as well as reports of what witnesses say looks like a reddish-furred Bigfoot! What could people possibly be seeing, and WHY Bray Road? I’ll be discussing these and other recent happenings in a free program hosted by the Walworth County Historical Society in Elkhorn, on Thursday May 11, 7-8 pm. I’ll also be selling and autographing several of my books, and welcome anyone who would like to share an encounter! Hope to see you there!



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