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This beauty, Ken Gerhard’s Menagerie of Mysterious Beasts, recently arrived in my mailbox and will be my first big read of the new year! Can’t wait to dig into what looks like a thorough compendium of the wild world of weird creatures. Happy 2017 to all!

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photo from Lincoln County Sheriff’s Dept.

This time of year seems to be when reporters go looking for oddities — or oddities come looking for them. Such seemed the case yesterday when a bold young black bear was seen begging bipedally from cars passing on a highway near Gleason. It was eventually captured and taken to a wildlife refuge. It seemed utterly unafraid of humans, leading to speculation it was either a pet -YIKES – or someone had been feeding it in a habituation situation.

When Hannity Show Came to Bray Road

There’s also a short compilation of Wisconsin beasties in a 3-year old article in Whoo New online blog, including the Beast of Bray Road, Muskego’s Haunchies and others. I’ve had a few people ask where to see the Sean Hannity episode on The Beast (one of the best short documentaries on the subject, I think) and the blog included this handy link.

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brayroad art 001Almost 25 years ago, I wrote a little newspaper article I titled The Beast of Bray Road for “The Week,” a publication that employed me as a reporter, columnist and cartoonist. It turned out to be a story that will surely outlive me, thanks to an unexpectedly ongoing and international reader response. That newspaper is no longer being published, but its related successor, Walworth County Sunday, reprinted my original article and artwork today to celebrate the quarter century anniversary of this tale gone literally wild. Here’s what started it all: http://www.communityshoppers.com/item/2315-the-beast-of-bray-road-at-25-the-legend-continues and http://www.communityshoppers.com/item/2314-author-s-story-on-beast-of-bray-road-endures-25-years-later

I never imagined where this one article would take me, and I still have no idea how it may one day play out. I thank the untold numbers of readers over the years who have opened their minds to the possibility that mysterious things exist whether we understand them or not, and to the many eyewitnesses who have taken the time and found the courage to share their experiences with the rest of us. An honorary howl would be entirely appropriate!

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