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Season’s blessings, peace and good will to all!

To make Christmas even brighter, hop over to Nathan Bransford’s blog where he is giving $1.00 per comment to Heifer International, a truly worthy organization. (They give people sheep, too) So I will also give a dollar to HI.org for every new comment here between now and midnight CST Christmas night. Up to $100, because he has generously offered to match participating blogger comments. That way HI gets a twofer.

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We are not Mennonites and we do not raise beets. And yet, everyone tells me I have raised a doppelganger of Dwight Schrute, favorite nerd of NBC’s The Office.

Dieter Schrute

I forced said son, Nate, to do a 7-second impression of Dieter Schrute, Dwight’s UNreabsorbed twin brother. http://bit.ly/844J7K

Dwight, you cannot outrun your past! Muwahahahahahahahaha

Take my poll: How much does Dieter resemble Dwight?

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