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I confess that I take way too many pictures of my Lhasa Apso, Grendel. But how many dogs get this close to three sandhill cranes and live for their owners to tell the tale? These were taken on a recent walk around the ‘hood. The comments on each photo are straight from the Grendel-mind, I assure you.

And it is a good thing I had my camera along to capture this scene. I heard the cranes blasting their “Dang the temperature hit 40 last night, let’s blow this place for Florida” call last  night so they will not be around much longer.

The horses stay all year, bless their stolid hearts.

This is the mean  one that always tries to kick Grendel.

We take this walk every day past very ancient and deep kettles (ancient as the last glacier anyway) and it never gets old.












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